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No Annoying Ads

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No Malware

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Fundamentally, acceptable ads are those kinds of advertisements that are not annoying or infected with virus and malware data, and that can be used by any users without any issues and fear. These acceptable ads are charged to be playing a leading appearance in your life by way of offering detailed information related to education, technologies, politics, games, etc. If you literally don’t want to see or run your computer system with these auto-generated ads, then Ablock Plus will helps you in choosing the necessary ads of only your own choices.

In a very short duration, Ablock Plus has accomplished in building relations with maximum users present in all over the world just because of it unique and amazing features that are being served by us and in return you need to pay for our services. Normally, we are paid for our Ablock Plus extension support benefits and from all those customers who invest their worthwhile time for participation in the various activities of the acceptable ads. Handling and controlling these tasks needs a lot of efforts that are being completed by our entire team, it can't be fully controlled by the volunteers as well as by the daily users, neither by financing contributions as users can only achieves by taking service support from the filter lists. All Ablock Plus services are being offered 30-day free to our users. Downloading and Installing Ablock Plus has grown into an important necessity for users for protecting from annoying ads to their computer.

In this technology based world, our Ablock Plus team of specialized and experts are developing with few targets that are highlighted here, for the sake of fulfilling the demands or needs of users and our supporters.

  • To improve the performance of the browser.
  • Offering 100% customer delight to our users, that is our biggest accomplishment for us.
  • By reconstructing the performances and latest features of the Ablock Plus as well as with the latest technology updates.

Ablock PlusWhat is Ablock Plus?

Ablock plus is one of the most reputed and leading globally used browser extension for computer users. Ablock Plus extension is available free of cost for 30 days and this extion will help users blocking annoying advertisements, malware domains, and promotional pop-ups and infected video ads on your computer system. It will make your system malware and virus-free by adding additional privacy and protection. You can personalize different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, and Yandex, with awesome features you like. In comparison from other software, it has a large-scale dominance over the other various extensions like inconspicuous ads aren't avoided in contemplation of supporting websites.

Ablock Plus WorksHow Ablock Plus Works?

Ablock plus offers you with some different and unique features. It has been designed in the sensibility that your effective and unwanted disturbing ads will not be blocked by it, the elimination or deletion of ads only can be done by adding the filter lists in your existing browser in your computer system. Apart from this, you can also create your own filter list as well.

Chrome Ablock Plus

Ablock Plus helps to stop the entrance of annoying ads, online tracking, malware attack and much more that you never want to see on your browser.

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Safari Ablock Plus

Ablock Plus is a fully featured oriented extension has the ability to block social site ads, malware domains, provide regular scanning and many more while net surfing.

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Suggest it to your close ones, friends, and followers; share the alertness and knowledge about of the internet privacy and security problems for the complete security reasons.

Report Bugs

Notify us related to issues, you confront during using Ablock Plus, if you feel, we will improve it with new features and concepts, therefore your reports and comments are important for us.

Contribute Code

We appreciate your advice and modifications attempts, please spread your coding and information to us, our entire team will be highly grateful to you.

Help Other Users

Our team will be greatly thankful to our valuable users, who routinely search the forum and support users through latest forum posts. User's any queries can be solved by trained users.


With your offerings, we can establish our team speedily, and capable of offering more extra securities. For contribution, please visit our donation page and support us.

Add or Improve Filters

We appreciate users who really want to show their interest to join our group discussion to find out the meaning of acceptable ads, please check the forum and contribute your latest ideas with us.

Ablock Plus Overview

  • Overall Satisfaction

  • Popup Block

  • Reliability

  • Security & Privacy

Our Skills are excellent

Why Ablock Plus - Features

Deactivate Tracking Disable Tracking

There are multiple firms that are continuously doing their efforts to steal your personal details and harm your PCs. With the help of Ablock Plus, you can easily disable them at any time and can browse it without any interruption.

Disable Social Sites Buttons Disable Social Media Buttons

By using Ablock Plus, you can directly disable social sites buttons, periodically without pressing buttons in the social networks' options and utilizes your details for the profile creation.


Acceptable Ads Acceptable Ads

We inspire and strengthen the use of non- obtrusive ads since they don't disturb users with unwanted ads and pop-ups because they run their ads for earning prospects.

Disable Malware Domains Disable Malware Domains

After the attacks of the virus, malware and spyware the computer totally gets infected and create your system defenseless to all kinds of cyber attacks and individual data.

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