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Basically, acceptable ads are those ads which you don't consider annoying, and with which you want to go live. These are the ads which ought to be playing a prominent role in your life through providing information regarding education, politics, sports, etc. If you don't want to run your system with certain ads, it helps you in selecting the ads of your own choice.

Ablock plus in short duration has succeeded in making relations with lots of users all over the world because of the unique features that are being provided by us and in return we are being paid by our millions of users. Generally, we are paid for our support services and from all those users who spend their valuable time in participating the activity of acceptable ads. Managing these tasks require a lot of efforts which are being fulfilled by our team, it can't be completely handled by volunteers and daily users, nor by sponsoring donations as users can only succeed by taking help from common filter lists. These services are being provided free to our users for 30-days. Installing Ablock Plus has become an essential requirement for users in order to protect their system from annoying ads.

In this era of technology, our team of experts is growing with some goals that are described below, in order to fulfill the requirement of users and supporters.

  • To enhance the functionality of browser.
  • Giving 100% customer satisfaction to our users then, will be the greatest achievement for us.
  • By improving the functionalities and features of the Ablock Plus along with the latest technology.

What is Ablock Plus?

Ablock plus is the most worldwide used browser extension for PCs users, it is a free extension to install that helps customer in blocking unwanted ads, domain,pop-ups and video ads on your system and make the system free from malware functions by providing extra protection. You can customize various browsers i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera, Safari and Yandex, with features you like. If you will compare, it has a major advantage over other extensions, i.e. unobtrusive ads aren't prevented in order to support websites.

How Ablock Plus Works?

Ablock plus provides you with some unique features. It has been developed in the sense that your useful and unwanted ads will not be blocked by it, the elimination of ads can be done by adding filter lists in your usable browser. You can also create a filter list of your own.

Chrome Ablock Plus

Ablock Plus lets you block annoying ads, tracking, malware and other things you may not want in your browser.

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Safari Ablock Plus

Ablock Plus lets you block annoying ads, tracking, malware and other things you may not want in your browser.

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Contribute to Ablock Plus

Spread the World

Recommend it to your dear friends and followers, spread the awareness of internet privacy and security issues for the security purpose.

Report Bugs

Inform us about the problems, you encounter while using ABP, if you think, we should come with new features and ideas, then your reports and comment will be valuable for us.

Contribute Code

We welcome your suggestions and improvement efforts, please share your coding and knowledge to us, our team will be highly obliged to you.

Help Other Users

Our team will be highly obliged to our brilliant users, who regularly look at the forum and help other users via forum posting. User's queries can be resolved by experienced users.


With your contributions, we can develop our team rapidly, and will be able to provide more securities. For donation, please visit to the contribution page.

Add or Improve Filters

We welcome users who want to shows interest in joining our group discussion to determine the definition of acceptable ads, please have a look to forum and share your latest thoughts.

Ablock Plus Overview

  • Overall Satisfaction

  • Popup Block

  • Reliability

  • Security & Privacy

Our Skills are excellent

Why Ablock Plus - Features

Disable Tracking

There are multiple firms which are trying constantly to steal your personal data and can reach harm to PCs. With the help of ABP, you can disable this feature at any time and browse with no disturbances.

Disable Social Media Buttons

With the help of ABP, you can disable social media buttons, sometimes without clicking on buttons requests send to social networks' servers and uses your information to create a profile.

Acceptable Ads

We encourage the use of non intrusive ads because they don't interrupt users with annoying ads and popup as they run their advertisement for earning perspective.

Disable Malware Domains

Computers get infected with various malware and make your system vulnerable to all types of cyber attacks and personal information

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