malware removal tool

Is your computer is hanging during internet surfing? Unable to open the websites online quickly and running very slowly? Did you ever saw any automatic download of data or app without your instruction? Are you getting frustrated due to lots of pop-ups?  If yes! Then your computer might be getting infected with the adware, spyware,… Read More

tech support scams

Nowadays, the tech support related services works are keep on rising on the internet and has become the one the most well-known service between the internet regular users, But just similarly like the other online active services, it also has some its drawbacks like as some online service provider are doing scams with the internet… Read More

Safari malware popups

“Safari Alert: your system has virus!” is a popup that asserted to be an authentic warning of Safari web browser. In truth, this is fake or fraudulent websites that are designed to mislead computer users. These popups fake warnings and alerts convince visitors to call on their mentioned number and search for a technical support.… Read More


Sounds familiar? Have you or your known one ever got trapped into technical scams? We are here to share some important information related to technical support scam such as what does it actually mean, how it happens and how to get rid of it, etc. Mostly the tech support scammers target those user’s accounts who… Read More

stop annoying pop ups

We can’t stop the entrance of viruses, malware attacks and annoying pop-ups, promoting advertisements, that main task is to interrupt your computer/desktop or laptop to work properly. But by using some step we can control their actions by downloading and uploading a best version pf Pop up blocker software. Technical support scammers are those who… Read More

technical support scams

What is CoolAds? CoolAds is a collection of an adware program, which especially displays multiple sponsored pop-up ads and sales advertisements on the WebPages to promote their products. CoolAds are shown in a dialog box that has different coupons so that the public get interacted with the Ads proposals and click on the pictures or… Read More

remove malicious app from mac

Mac OS X is vulnerable to the potentially unsolicited programs, adware, browser hijackers. The program like Safari malware popups are used for driving the traffic and collecting lead for other bogus sites. It also displays advertisements and sponsored links onto computer to deceive the unaware internet users.… Read More

get browser settings bach on chrome

Chrome is the most usable and popular browser in the world. It is a great medium to surf the internet with safety, but there is also some undeniable truth that either people know or want to know. In this pos, we will discuss how even the most popular browser is not safe to use without… Read More