Annoying pop-ups and ads are basically a simple way to attract the web user’s attention. It can be found in the same tab as a graphic element or in a new tab. To protecting your computer from such type of pop-ups, you can update software and simply add a pop-up blocker extension in to your… Read More

Malware is a category of vicious code that includes intrusive software like Computer viruses, ransomware, scareware, worms, and Trojan horses. Disastrous malware utilizes popular communication tools to spread. They most commonly attack users via sending mail, dropping Trojan horses and viruses at the time of downloading or when to get connected to unauthorized sites. Generally,… Read More

Several people might be aware of the term “Malware and Adware”, because it spent its time not only with computer, but with people too, because lots of people, who spent their time along with computer and when, get affected by it, automatically, leads to depression and psychological pressure. What probably happen after that, “people started… Read More

If someone is a ravenous follower of Youtube then they should be naturaly familiar with its web address, i.e. These days, it is turned up into the best source of entertainment and growing with its large number of followers. We can notice the people, with every browsing session they used to open Youtube and… Read More

Chrome being the world’s most crowd-pleasing desktop browser but it has been pressed down by trifling issues – even when the browser isn’t at fault! It can be considered that Google is capable in identifying quality of browser but ineffective in catching the quality of websites that appeared in it. Basically, users find these particular… Read More

Nowadays, the web can be considered as a soul of the Universe, without it, the world can’t be imagined. But, “the question arises” this particular world belongs to whom..? Is it in the hand of fraud people? We all know how the Tech support scammers are emerging rapidly in the 21st century just after the… Read More

We all know how distracting and frustrating it can be when we encounter annoying Web advertisements pop-up windows while using the Internet. Anyone who ever used the Internet faced annoying popup, alert blocker windows with alert message and most of the times misleading alert messages. Ablock plus is the best solutions of such type of… Read More