Chrome being the world’s most crowd-pleasing desktop browser but it has been pressed down by trifling issues – even when the browser isn’t at fault! It can be considered that Google is capable in identifying quality of browser but ineffective in catching the quality of websites that appeared in it.

Basically, users find these particular problems, when they come into the world of web. There are a lot of guilty parties that could be only responsible for freezing browsers. This action is operated via connecting your system to any unwanted popup and malware.  These annoying ads are always active with every browsing session, after clicking it starts their work.

Chrome Freezing

It is quite simple to repair if things aren’t running accordingly. Nowadays, we have many options to prevent from it such as uninstalling Chrome, fixing corrupt file, killing an unresponsive page in chrome. Here are some methods and their steps that can fix freezing issues on your Chrome browsers.

Methods 1: uninstalling or reinstalling chrome

  • Uninstall chrome
  • Open the chrome website in internet explorer
  • Click the download chrome button
  • Run the installer
  • Sign in to chrome
  • Check to see, if your issue is resolved

Methods 2: Closing a frozen tab or window

  • Press .⇧Shift+Esc  to open the chrome task manager
  • Select the frozen tab or extensions from the list.
  • Click the End Process
  • Repeat for any other frozen tabs and extensions.

Methods 3: Reset Google Chrome

  • Click the Hotdog Icon in the upper right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Show advanced settings.
  • Find the section titled: ‘Reset browser settings.
  • Click ‘Reset browser settings’
  • In the window prompt that appears click ‘Reset.

Methods 4: Clearing Your Cookies

  • Click the Menu (☰) button and select Settings
  • Click the “Show advanced settings” link.
  • Click Content settings in the Privacy section.
  • Click all cookies and site data
  • Click remove all

Methods 5: Installing Ablock plus

  • Go to website and click install
  • View Filter list and choose options according to requirement
  • Create your own filter lists consisting of intrusive and nonintrusive ads

It will start to work just after installing this software. This will block everything including annoying pop-ups and unwanted ads that will make the system free from these malware domains.

With these steps users can resolve problems at some extent but cannot resolve it completely. For excellent solution some extension has been developed for blocking annoying ads and malware, which will finally unfreeze browsers.

But, still you are facing problem and unable to resolve it, feel free to contact our expert technician. We are here to help you.

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