Annoying pop-ups and ads are basically a simple way to attract the web user’s attention. It can be found in the same tab as a graphic element or in a new tab. To protecting your computer from such type of pop-ups, you can update software and simply add a pop-up blocker extension in to your browser.

How to Control Intrusive Ads?

It can be considered as the latest trend of deceiving any people or an organization. Actually, it’s not an easy task for such type of organizations, until you make it easy. It usually happens because of the lower security problem and carelessness or, if somebody shares the password with the unknown person.

Stop Pop-Ups Ads

You need 360-degree protection from all sides that might be onerous for everybody, but the real thing is that, if you want to protect yourselves then must be aware and careful. Means when anybody login email id, most of the people doesn’t log out and move forward for another work or while creating Hotmail account, and a  strong password needs to protect your id from hacking, but it doesn’t happen usually.

How you become victims of Phishing scam?

  • Annoying Pop-ups And Unwanted Ads

Users have a high possibility of being hacked, after clicking on pop-ups and spam emails. These pop-ups can be appeared in many forms, it might be in the form of an advertisement that will be looked like useful but after clicking, your password and useful data are attached with hackers without being your consent.

  • Due To Ignorance Of Spam E-mails

Most of the times, we find many spam emails, but ignore it. This ignorance causes a huge loss. Actually, what happen, when we try to read and know about it, just get attracted by spurious offers and click it? After clicking, your computer left with no solution, whether the computer will get infected with unstoppable pop-ups or it will suddenly die.

  • Malware and Adware

The computer or mobile device will be guarded only when email id or account are surrounded by high level of security like enabling two-step verification method. Or, if the computer gets infected with malware then clean up the computer first and install supported extension for the browser.

  • Fictitious Offers And Ads

Sometimes, many people are attracted towards fictitious offer and advertisement on the web, which cause a huge loss in terms of data or personal information. Users are targeted in many ways; it can be through a spam email or pop-ups and annoying ads that we mostly found on the browsers.

Here are some common browsers which supports extensions since its launch:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer started to support extension after releasing version 5 in 1999.

  • Mozilla Firefox supports extension since it’s launched in 2004.

  • Opera desktop web browser supports extension after releasing version 10 in 2009.

  • Google Chrome supports extension after releasing version 4 in 2010.

  • The Apple Safari browser started to support after releasing version 5 in 2010.

You need to install those extensions which support your browser. So, before installing any extension, first check and ensure about the services of browser.

If still you are unable to install extension to your browser, feel free to contact our expert technicians.

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