block tech support scam

What do you think? Why are people being victimized in large number? If we analyzed properly, the answer will come in front and tell that we don’t have proper technical knowledge and scare by messy techniques of scammers. Criminals are using new scare techniques such as tech support scam. First, they carefully watch your activities… Read More


We all know Computers are prominent part of our life. But do you know your computer is under surveillance of scammers and you are being targeted with every browsing session. Nowadays, it has become difficult to keep privacy safe as scammers are becoming advanced with technology but users are not. It can be also due… Read More


We all know how much Apple Mac OS X users are secured these days. It can be the most debatable questions among the Apple users as Apple is a big brand but not getting success in rendering the best security. It is also true when an individual purchase the products of Apple then rest assured… Read More

block pop up ads in chrome

Google Chrome is strong enough to stop the malicious pop-ups while browsing. Even, after blocking pop-ups Chrome browser shows its notification on the address bar and also allows users to block or allow it. Then, why our computer gets infected even we aren’t at a fault? Generally, it occurs when we are driven away towards… Read More

improve safari browser security

Despite the fact, Mac Os X is more vulnerable in comparison of Microsoft windows till 2015. Most of Mac Os X users comprehend themselves more impregnable as they are using a brand known to accommodate a vigorous security model. And this is the preeminent reason; Macs are being targeted more over the last years. Hence,… Read More