Google Chrome is strong enough to stop the malicious pop-ups while browsing. Even, after blocking pop-ups Chrome browser shows its notification on the address bar and also allows users to block or allow it. Then, why our computer gets infected even we aren’t at a fault?

Generally, it occurs when we are driven away towards some fictitious offers or by opening unauthorized sites. Once we open an unknown site in our computer, most probably we become victims of spam activities. From there, bombardment of pop-ups and annoying ads begin to encounter. However, if an individual is cautious and aware then there is less chance of insertion of any malicious malware. Though users can stop pop up ads by just applying features of Google Chrome browser manually or they may also opt to download ad blocker that can stop such ads from entering system.

Here are some simple and quick steps to turn pop-ups on or off.


  • Open Chrome >> click the Chrome menu in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” option >> “Advanced settings”
  • Under “Privacy,” select “Content settings”.
  • Under “Pop-ups,” select “do not allow any site to show pop-ups” or “Allow all sites to show pop-ups”.

block chrome pop ups

Problems with pop-ups

When an unwanted program is installed on the computer, these above settings may not work and will encounter many pop-ups and annoying ads that can be very frustrating. Due to this particular reason, most of people are being victimized by tech support scammers. They prompt such type of activities to acquire all important information including password, credit card number or more.

Under such circumstances, users need to install antivirus software or a browser extension to protect the computer or prevent from privacy breach. But the problems probably not end here because when we opt for choosing the antivirus software or an extension, face difficulties to identifying the genuine one. So, sometimes it better to invest some money for purchasing anti-virus software from trusted organization or there are many free extensions available in chrome store which you can download.

Anti-virus Software

Users can purchase or download many antivirus software online. Some software are free to download and to acquire some, you need to invest some money. Always remember to purchase or download software from trusted organizations else it might be put at risk.

Browser Extension  

A pop-up and annoying ad appeared on computer in the form of Java script. To block pop up ads in chrome install a genuine browser extension which contains some specific features such as:

  • Java script alert blocking
  • Java script prompt blocking
  • Java script confirm blocking
  • Java script confirm page reloading

Hope you get rid of annoying pop ups and ads with the above mentioned tips.



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