What do you think? Why are people being victimized in large number?

If we analyzed properly, the answer will come in front and tell that we don’t have proper technical knowledge and scare by messy techniques of scammers.

Criminals are using new scare techniques such as tech support scam. First, they carefully watch your activities unwittingly and then invade you by robust tactics. We all are aware of pop-ups and annoying ads. This is what they do to scare and trap you. Earlier, it was executed by cold calling but nowadays, this task is accomplished by pop-up windows and voice alerts via their computer.

block tech support scam

You just need to look hither-thither to gather the perfect solution against pop-up infected computer. Here’re the ways to block threats from tech support scam manually.

Manual Method: For Windows 7/ Vista

STEP 1: Search for Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives

  • Start button >> Control panel >> Appearance and Personalization >> Click Folder options
  • Click View Tab >> Advanced Settings >> Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives >> Click OK.

STEP 2: Search for Malicious Programs Generated By Tech Support Scammers

Note: Windows store many important hidden files. Don’t modify or delete those folders.

The Malicious application might be found in this way.

%program files%\common files\system\Tech Support Scam.dll

%program files(x86)%\Tech Support Scam uninstall\

%programData%\Tech Support Scam.exe\

%appdata%\roaming\[Tech Support Scam].exe or folder

%Windows%\system32\driver\Tech Support Scam.sys

%users%\default\appdata\local\Tech Support Scam.log

STEP 3: Go To Registry Editor And Delete All Its Related Registry Keys

How To Open Registry Editor?

  • Press “Windows+R” keys together >> Type “Regedit” and press enter.
  • If prompted by “User account control”. Select “Yes”.
  • After opening “Registry Editor”. Delete all malicious registry entries generated by Tech support scammers.

Note: Windows 8 users can also follow these instructions.

These manual methods can be executed every time, whenever you feel, somebody is monitoring your activities.

By this way, you can protect your privacy and computer from being ruptured to some extent. But the question arises how many times, you will do it. In that case, definitely, you will search for some trusted applications.

Nowadays, there are many popup blocker that can be downloaded or installed to block unwanted pop-ups and secure you from computer tech support scams. It simply increases the functionality of browser and provides you the distraction free browsing.

Tech support scammers mainly target you by inserting scary pop-ups with voice that force you to take help from them. So, if you have succeeded in blocking unwanted pop-ups, to some extent, you have blocked scammers to do so.

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