Intro is identified as a deceptive website identical to,,, and many more. It is also considered as the browser hijackers preeminent in changing browser shortcuts, browser search provider, and browser redirects to without user’s consent.

The site is disguised as the legitimate Internet search engine and modifies Internet browser settings; it is prompted by installing dubious and bogus software. In addition, it does not only collect and monitor all activities but also append to various web browsers shortcuts and sometimes with fictitious programs. This is the main reason of opening every time when you launched any of these shortcuts.

With you will also notice some annoying pop ups that cam even humiliate you.



It’s often the user itself who download this site and allow it to act as a homepage on their system. Most of the times, it is downloaded through CNET,, or Softonic etc. But the users must be attentive as the installation of free software is nothing just the tricks to installing cluster of software easily.

Why Is Malicious

  • It sets as Homepage by modifying Internet browser settings.
  • Innumerable bombardment of malicious Pop-up ads on browsers.
  • It rampant bogus ads and links into search results.
  • Shows deceptive alerts force you in downloading malicious software.
  • It monitors your all ingoing and outgoing activities.

Precautions While Installing Unknown Software

  • Always read the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms and Agreements before downloading any software.
  • If you had ever installed it, don’t click many times through the installation process else automatically you will agree to software’s terms and conditions, you might not want to install it.
  • After completing all the process, if it offers a “Advanced” or “Custom” option, first check if any malicious and dubious software gets installed during the installation process.

How To Remove It Manually From Computer

  • Open start menu and select “Control Panel”
  • Click “Uninstall a program” under programs category.
  • Uninstall all unknown software that you don’t know.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remove it permanently because of the existence of Spyware in Computer. Under such circumstances, you need to install a pop up blocker software to block it. There are many browser extensions that have been developed shrewdly to block such type of pop-ups ads. To remove it permanently, a Computer must have ads blocker so that it can protect your computer from becoming worst.

Be Attentive And Careful!

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