If you are the unlucky one whose computer has been infected by HQ-Vpro 1.9v4 malware, you would be thinking of getting rid of it. But is it an easy task to eliminate such malicious malware?

Obviously the answer will be no, you must have technical knowledge to remove it or need to gather information from blog or articles. Let’s try to know in details actually what HQ-Vpro 1.9v4 is and how it affects your Computer.

It is an adware program that is resided to generating lots of advertisements and pop-ups on computers. This type of adware disguises as the free software to install or will try to tempt by showing fictitious offers. It is made to generate revenue for its pros and so promoted as required free media to trap the users.


Such pop ups are also generated through the technical support scammers who tries to fool you and attacks your system.

What Are Its Disadvantages?

  • Drops Files and Registry entries on the Computer.
  • Many spurious Browser add-on extension, and plug in gets installed automatically.
  • Modifies Your Browser settings and redirect your website to malicious domain.
  • Interrupt by obnoxious unlimited advertisements.
  • Put your privacy at risk.
  • Interrupt while surfing Internet.

How To Remove It Manually?

For Windows 7

  • Visit Desktop and Right click to the “Task bar”, click “Start tasks manager”.
  • Find the unknown program running in your system and click the “End process” button.
  • Press “Windows+R” button together and open “Control panel”.
  • Click “Uninstall a program”
  • Check the programs that you don’t know or haven’t downloaded. If found uninstall it instantly.

For Windows 8

  • Similarly open the “Control panel”.
  • Select “view by category” and then click “Uninstall a program”.
  • You will find it by name HQ-Vpro 1.9v4, right click on it to uninstall it.

You can remove it manually but how many times will you do it. So you need to download pop up blocker to block such types of unwanted ads and malware. A pop-up blocker can protect the system from all intrusive ads that definitely shows that your computer is fully protected.

It works totally different from an antivirus. If you having antivirus software, definitely it is an extra protection but a browser extension is better than an antivirus to use. There are many pop-up blockers available, just need to install the trusted and better one.

Hope, You will experience your computer as it was.


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