Are you wondering to remove template finder toolbar from safari, chrome, and Firefox? This post will help you uninstalling this malicious toolbar from your PC.

What is Template Finder?

Template finder is an unwanted program that disguises as a browser extension or add-on. You might pick up this unwanted program while installing template finder. This type of add-on comes equipped with a bundle of freeware and fake applications, when accidentally it gets into your computer, it itself modifies the               browser settings.

Each time this toolbar runs on your browser, it will trigger unlimited pop-ups ads with a scary voice to interrupt your online activities. The pop-ups may redirect you to infamous websites that particularly known for stealing information or monitoring doer’s activities.  Moreover, after knowing your requirements, it will display more annoying pop ups.

Such ads are also generated through technical support scams where the scammers pretend to be from some  reputed organisation and fools you by gaining access to your system with an intention to steal your private data.

You need to take immediate action to get rid of malicious ads else ignorance can put your privacy at risk. Hence, we recommend you to get rid of Your Template Finder toolbar as soon as possible.

Why it should be removed as soon as possible:

  • Hijack browsers and change its settings.
  • Bombardment of annoying pop-ups on computers.
  • Tracks your ingoing and outgoing activities to steal your information.

Guide to Remove Your Template Finder & Stop Pop-ups From Google Chrome

  • First off, open Google Chrome and click menu button at the top-right corner.
  • Select Tools options and then Extensions.
  • Select the redundant extension or plug-in, click the bin icon to remove it.

remove Template Finder Add-on 1


  • Move to Settings page and scroll down the page unless the options come “show advanced settings link”.
  • Under Privacy section, click Content settings.

remove Template Finder Add-on 2

  • Select the radio button “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended”) under “Pop-ups” section.

Guide to Remove Your Template Finder & Stop Pop-ups From Mozilla Firefox

  • Similarly Open Firefox, click menu button at the top right corner and select Add-ons.
  • Click Extensions panel in the Add-ons Manager tab. Choose the redundant extension want to remove. Click Remove button.

remove Template Finder Add-on 3

  • Click menu button again and choose Options.
  • In the Content tab, check the “Block pop-up windows” option under Pop-ups.

remove Template Finder Add-on 4


This manual method will work but ads will keep coming again and again that’s what peeves the people. You need to apply this process again and again and so it becomes difficult sometimes. If you don’t want to put your PC’s utilities in to risk then you can download ads blocker. It will protect your PC from all types of threats.

Hope, you will do so and recommend it to your friends and families.

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