Are you wondering to remove unwanted ads from your PC? This post will help you in getting rid of such type of problems.

Basically, Ads are of two types: intrusive and non intrusive ads. Intrusive ads are the ads that appear on the desktop without our consent. These ads are mostly used by web-criminal who want to gain profit by implementing illegal techniques. Probably, it is tech support scammers who love to implement these techniques.

Non-intrusive ads are the ads that are run by trusted advertising agencies or on whom, you can trust. Basically, these ads are not malicious ads. In fact, it enhances your knowledge and skills by providing valuable information.

These ads can degrade the performance of system badly by affecting operating system, modifying browser settings, freezing browser. In this case, you need to download ad blocker to increase the functionalities of the browser. Installing a Pop-up blocker is the latest trend that is being used by most of the people in all over the world. However, there are also many manual methods that can be applied but it will show its effect just once.

Here’re some important ways to remove unwanted pop ups:
• Block specific advertisers
• Mute ads you don’t want to see
• Manage your ads settings

Block Specific Advertisers
Block ads from specific advertisers on Google Search and Gmail.


Imagine, it is a holiday season and you are getting unstoppable ads from a business on the Gmail. Block these unknown ads by following these steps below:
• Locate and click the icon next to the ads in your Google Search results or the “Why this ad?” link next to the ads in your gmail inbox.


remove unwanted pop ups step


• In the bubble that appears, click the “Ads Settings” link.
• In Ads Settings, scan the list of advertisers in “Advertisers’ campaigns you’ve blocked.” Block advertisers whom you don’t want to show you ads. You can block up to 500 advertisers.

Mute ads you don’t want to see
When ads appear on the screen, it surrounds the entire screen and create problem in reading the desired content. Fortunately, you can mute ads that you don’t want to see on your screen.
• Click x in the top corner of the ads.
• A drop down will open, click Stop seeing this ad

remove unwanted pop ups steps

Manage your ads settings

You can edit your interests and demographic details that are used to show you ads.

Edit your interests


To accomplish this, sign in to Ads Settings by typing url “”.

To add Interest
If you want t o add new interest, click +ADD NEW INTEREST and type an interest in the search box and select according to your desire.

To remove interests: Locate the interests you don’t want to keep. Then, unmark the box.

Edit your demographic details
Gender or age

Sign in to Ads Settings at

Click the pencil icon to the right of Your Google profile.

If you don’t want to do it again and want to block technical support scam activities then it would be better to download ads blocker. It will provide you 360-degree protection.
Be Attentive and Careful!

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