Definitely, Office 2016 Office is a major upgrade in this digital world, but not in the way you’d thought. Office 2016 wants to connect you with every peers and coworkers by harnessing some smart techniques. Just as Windows 10 appends a layer of intelligence by tying notebooks, desktops, phones, and tablets altogether.

Microsoft Office 2016 has made some amazing changes since the initial office release in 1990. 17th version along with massive productivity is an evidence to prove its best quality level in programming and to what extent benefits are being reaching to people. Even though, in this version Microsoft tries to keep the software basic capabilities same as predecessor but some biggest changes has been made in processing words, manipulating data, and creating presentations.

So you will find Office 2016’s applications are almost indistinguishable from their previous versions in look and features. But some extra features have definitely come out like now you can share documents online, in a collaborative workspace.

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You can still buy Office 2016 as a standalone product: it can be purchased by choosing different plan according to the requirement. The users who like to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote need to pay $149 and $229 for Office Home and Business. A personal plan is also available at $7 per month with one device installation and $10 month for Home plan. It allows you to installed Office on five devices and five phones.

Undoubtedly, Office 2016 is a top-notch Google app, but one question would be coming in the mind of every people: why should I upgrade? That’s a question that Microsoft could answer easily. Let’s explore what are, and what are not in Office 2016.

Collaborating in Ms-Word 2016

Word offers the most powerful features such as real-time editing with convenient markers. It indicates which user edited which material and also allows every shared user to know the details and edits made by each user. However, only one user can edit at a time.

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Just after Right-click a word or expression in Word 2013, a predetermined number of options come up: a small formatting window, as well as options for spelling, linking the phrase, and checking grammar.

You must be aware of copying a text from any source like Wikipedia in to word document is possible, but what if word automatically adds it and add either a footnote or a hyperlink back to the source document. Sadly, nothing like that is available.

It’s to some degree odd, find that element in Insert > Wikipedia, a Wikipedia application for Word that was incorporated with my preview copy of Word 2016. Highlight a word or expression and snap the Wikipedia application, and a more vigorous form of Wikipedia opens up. Far better, any picture that shows up in the sheet can be clicked once to add it to the content, with attribution (and permit data) naturally added. It likewise seeks on any content you highlight as you’re composition or altering. These are all pleasant touches.


Collaborating in Excel 2016

Excel spreadsheets can be altered continuously just if all clients are working in Excel Online. At the point when all clients are editing on the web, each move made by a client shows up instantly, including more advanced functions like adding a graph to a spreadsheet.

Excel 2016

At one time, all users are not allowed to edit a spreadsheet because the document gets locked for other users if some other is editing at the same time. Collaborative editing in Excel 2016 is therefore a rather disjointed, turn-by-turn affair that’s not nearly as interactive and productive as that provided by Word 2016.


Collaborating in PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint 2016 presentations can be edited by numerous clients at the same time, yet not at all like in Word 2016 and Excel Online, alters are gone along thusly as every client redesigns their presentation (by hitting the save/update button). Whenever some editing is done instantly other user receives a notifications that changes has been made. The changes are available to other user by hitting the update button.


Collaborating in OneNote 2016

OneNote’s functionality almost relies on shared notebooks for collaboration. Notebooks can be shared easily with the help of email or a sharing link. However, OneNote provides the same features to editing as the other office document. For this users need to sign in prior to sharing notebook.

One Note

OneNote connecting doesn’t obviously permit you to highlight a word or page of a record. It links to the document, which opens in a different window, not a sheet. Furthermore, obviously, it would be decent if the element were pervasive crosswise over Office. Be that as it may, with markup, live cooperation, and OneNote connecting, Office 2016 ought to make it less demanding to review prior gatherings that have obscured together.

Collaborating in Outlook 2016

Microsoft has included various little comforts to Outlook 2016. For attaching a file, Outlook pulls down a rundown of as of late utilized and altered records over the greater part of the Office applications. If you want to email a large file such as 700 megabytes, Outlook will email a link to the document stored in One Drive, as opposed to emailing so as to stop up your system and mail organizers the record itself.

Microsoft likewise included a more essential feature, Clutter, a kind of second-level spam organizer. Clutter, which has been accessible on the Web application for a considerable length of time, takes work email it regards pointless and places them in a committed Clutter envelope.


Apart from these all above given features, there are many more new help tools such as “Tell Me”, Office Sway, etc. has been furnished. After analyzing these features, one can easily understand or get answer of the above asked questions “Why should I upgrade to Outlook 2016”. Gradually, the world is becoming modern and so users also need to adopt some remarkable features if available.

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