get browser settings bach on chrome

Chrome is the most usable and popular browser in the world. It is a great medium to surf the internet with safety, but there is also some undeniable truth that either people know or want to know. In this pos, we will discuss how even the most popular browser is not safe to use without… Read More

To what extent Pop-ups can Affect a Computer

Small internet windows that appear on the screen might be useful as well as dangerous. As each coin has two sides, similarly Pop-ups have their own advantage and disadvantages. But it would be very sad to say that nowadays, pop-ups are only known for perturbing the internet users. If pop-ups appear on the screen, then… Read More

remove screenery

Most of computer users stuck in the tricks of cyber criminals because they believe that unknown programs might be useful or some works can be done with some ease, but after installing users have to face only struggle to remove it. Even though, we can’t change their thought about particular software or programs but some… Read More