What is CoolAds?

CoolAds is a collection of an adware program, which especially displays multiple sponsored pop-up ads and sales advertisements on the WebPages to promote their products. CoolAds are shown in a dialog box that has different coupons so that the public get interacted with the Ads proposals and click on the pictures or banners.

The attacker’s maximum times use this pop-ups Ads strategy to trap the internet users via spyware, adware and other similar malware on the user’s desktop or computer. Once any malicious program gets entered in your computer, then it automatically starts downloading and installing many unknown applications that are really very annoying and undesirable!

Such pop ups may also be generated through technical support scammers who pretends to be from a legitimate company and gain access to hack your system.



Tips to find out the existence of CoolAds!

  • Sometime, when you try to search any website or link on your internet browser, you came to know that some unknown or unnecessary applications start downloading automatically on your computer.
  • Unknown downloads on your computer can stop your browser to work properly and may be your computer’s screen turns blank. The text of web pages can automatically change into hyperlinks. This indicates that the attacks of CoolAds and other similar Ads had been started in your computer system.

remove cool ads


How to block CoolAds & Other Ads?

  • Download & Install any Adblocker Software

Ads blocking software are very effective in blocking unknown tracking, malware domains, unwanted banners, pop-up Ads and other video CoolAds that can harm your computer.


It is available for Android, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon Opera, Safari, and Yandex. It is also capable of blocking annoying Ads on Facebook and YouTube as well.


  • Use Ad blocker in your Computer

Many times suspicious pop-ups get generated through JavaScript coding too. So to block them, install Adblocker in your computer.


  • After installation, make sure that your Adblocker software is active and ready to use. Adblocker automatically scans all the pop-ups displaying on your computer screen and starts scanning them.


  • Adblocker software blocks all the malicious or unwanted harmful Ads that can corrupt your files and damage your computer. It also leaves those Ads that are non-malicious and may be useful for the users after the completion of the filtration process.



  • Manually, try to remove other installed unknown Applications

Always check the redundant files time to time by clicking on “Control Panel”; it will guide you to know about the list of suspicious applications that are added and running on your computer. If any unknown application found, just uninstall it. This continuous habit will help you to keep your computer protected and secure.


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