We can’t stop the entrance of viruses, malware attacks and annoying pop-ups, promoting advertisements, that main task is to interrupt your computer/desktop or laptop to work properly. But by using some step we can control their actions by downloading and uploading a best version pf Pop up blocker software.

Technical support scammers are those who used to assure users to click on their displayed windows ads that sometimes result in severe damage or system crash.


Damages due to technical support scam

  • Software crash
  • Slow down booting process
  • Blank screen
  • Data get corrupted
  • Data get deleted or lost from files and folders
  • Damage hard drive
  • Attack on internal and hardware parts
  • Desktop or laptop becomes automatically unresponsive
  • Suddenly system gets switched off


These are some issues that appear after the system get corrupted from the auto-generated ads. Stop annoying pop-ups using ad blocker for your computer/desktop, mobile device and laptops.


stop annoying pop ups


Do you know about Pop-ups?


Pop-up are the window ads, created by Java-Scripted codes that generally appears in the form of tabs, icon or wallpapers on the screen that usually distract the user’s mind to convince them to click on those pop-ups, so that they can easily get linked with the system and disturb the working process of your device.


Normally, everyone used to save their personal information, live memories, images in the digital form so that they can’t get missed or lost anywhere. As, every person his/her face issues that the hardcopies of papers or photos get missed anywhere easily and it becomes difficult to retrieve it.


Now, hackers or attackers selected this path by calling or promoting ads online to convince users that they are here to help them. Technical support scam always puts users into huge trouble.


How Pop-ups blocker Software will help?


If you will download a Pop-up blocker Software then it will become easy for you to find out the malware pop-ups that are trying to enter in your system.

Your small regular steps can help you to safe and secure your system from multiple annoying pop-ps. Always upgrade your software and scan them time to time.


So, download the best version of the Pop-ups blocker Software and stay safe.



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