“Safari Alert: your system has virus!” is a popup that asserted to be an authentic warning of Safari web browser. In truth, this is fake or fraudulent websites that are designed to mislead computer users.

These popups fake warnings and alerts convince visitors to call on their mentioned number and search for a technical support. Be aware of such traps because these programs and services provided are not free. “Safari Alert: your system has virus!” was created to swindle computer users and steal money by using fraudulent online transactions methods.

These kinds of infectious popups are spread on users browsers so that they can hack or distract users mind so that they can pay for their security services. Some of them get easily deleted for some cannot be encountered elsewhere. So to get rid of safari malware popups, a user needs to take some security methods to fix them.

Methods to disable popups on safari browser:

Just follow the mentioned step by step procedure on you Safari browser to block the entrance of safari malware popups. They are given below:


                                                                  Step 1:  open Safari browser


                                                                  Step 2:  press” Safari” button in the Apple menu bar

                                                                  Step 3:  click on “preferences”

                                                                  Step 4:  choose the”Security” option


                                                                    Step 5: then, tick on “Block pop-up windows”.


If still, you are feeling that the popups are attacking your browser, then download trustable and reputed Safari malware popups software. Ablock Plus is one of the most effective and secure software that make your personal details confidential and offer complete protection from malware domains, online tracking, virus and corrupted files and software.

Precautions need to take while using Safari Browser:

By following these simple steps, you can easily secure your computer system from being hacked or any technical damage. So let’s have a look on safety precautions. They are as follows:

  • Visit only authentic or trustable site
  • If you see that any app or software automatically start downloading without your permission, and then uninstall it.
  • Use pop up blocker software and enable it always in your computer system
  • Scan your system security extension regularly
  • Avoid selecting or subscribing ads, popups, wallpapers, audio, videos or files
  • If any text turns into hyperlinks, then it means that it is infected with virus
  • Never share credentials details or personal details to anyone on call or any fake website, it maybe scam!

Ablock Plus has all the qualities that need to be in antivirus software for complete protection from Safari malware popups and other virus attacks. So, download Ablock Plus and secure your data and computer from harmful bombardments of the virus.

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