Nowadays, the tech support related services works are keep on rising on the internet and has become the one the most well-known service between the internet regular users, But just similarly like the other online active services, it also has some its drawbacks like as some online service provider are doing scams with the internet users using various methods.

Today most of the people are aware of actually what tech support is: actually it is the place where tech supports technical team updates and can many times fix issues occurring with the laptops, tablets, computers, phones and other latest gadgets. But in this also there is the twist, and that twist is that nowadays technical scams are now increasing by the scammers too, and they are expert in impersonating technical support centers more immediately.

What is tech support scams?


The crimes that are done by the scammers online or on the phone call by manipulating users and offering them the fake deals for computer or device protection by claiming themselves as the technical associate is known as tech support scams. The main reason for doing this is to collect user’s personal important details and to steal credentials details to earn money.

The common two methods to divert and gain the user’s trust are as follows:

Using email method-

Technical support scams are done by the scammers using fake emails in which they claim themselves as the “Tech support” and informing you about the problem about your account then sends you fake link or software details and convince you to purchase this software for virus and other unwanted online attacks removal. They try to fools users and trap in their web and ask their credit card numbers for the payment.

Using phone call method-

It is one of the common technical support scams, on phone call they claim themselves to be the technical technician and they found dome alerts and virus warning that need to be removed as soon as possible otherwise it can damage you complete system and then they display some fake “errors” that required being fixed immediately.

Drawbacks of technical support scams

•Your data couldn’t be personal anymore because it gets shared completely with the scammers
•Credit and bank details sent to the scammers
•Scammers inject real virus that helps them to gather you personal information
•Controls your system remotely.
•Misuse your details and system for wrong purposes

So, before sharing your detail on these kinds of the situation make sure to double check all the details about them because it can result in a severe scam. Your and system security is in your hand so be alert while handling these kinds of emails and phone calls. If you find these kinds of issues, then call to technical support team and complain about these issues. We promise that you will not be get disappointed by us! Give us a call today!


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