Is your computer is hanging during internet surfing? Unable to open the websites online quickly and running very slowly? Did you ever saw any automatic download of data or app without your instruction? Are you getting frustrated due to lots of pop-ups?  If yes! Then your computer might be getting infected with the adware, spyware, virus, and malware attack!

Malware or malicious software, is software that is programmed and code  by the attackers to interrupts and gather details of the user’s computer operation, sensitive or confidential data, or to get direct access in the users’computer system. Generally, malware display in the form of code, JavaScript, enabled content, and other fake detailed software. ‘Malware’ is a common word used to indicate a variety of forms of hateful or invasive software.

How to identify malware bombardments?

Malware involves computer viruses, worms, adware, ransomware, rootkits, trojan horses, dialers, malicious BHOs, key loggers, spyware, rogue security software and many other malicious programs.  The most of active malware problems are actually worms or trojans moderately than viruses, so it’s very important to remove malware on time before its too late.

Some common symptoms that indicate Malware attacks are as follows:

  • An error will receive “Internet Explorer could not display the page” while opening any websites
  • Your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,) starts freezing, unresponsive of hanging.
  • Browsers default pages starts changing
  • Unauthorized request gets access automatically
  • Automatic path change of browser
  • You receive unwanted multiple pop up messages on the browser
  • Appearance of  unexpected toolbars at the top of your web browser
  • Your computer speed starts reducing or running slowly
  • Your computer starts hanging or freezing
  • Addition of new icons automatically on your desktop
  • Automatic restart of your computer by itself
  • Unwanted error messages like data missing or corrupt files and folders
  • Failure in accessing the Task Manager, Registry Editor or Command Prompt.
  • Unresponsive  Control Panel options and settings

How to remove malware successfully?

remove malware2

For removing malware from your system, you need to uninstall all kinds of error loads software from your computer. Use of malware removal tool such as Ablock Plus extension that is the leading anti-malware and spyware scanner that scans and removes malware that includes Trojans, worms, spyware, bots, rogues, and more. It is also effective in drilling down and removing deeply embedded viruses and adware, one of the most dangerous parts destroying computer system setting and data.

It also blocks online tracking, online pop ups messages, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ads, powerfully so that it can come again your computer system. If you’ve got malware or virus  on your computer, Ablcok Plus Anti-Malware extension will destroy it.

“Preserving information and complete protection of your computer is its former glory.”

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