stop annoying pop ups

We can’t stop the entrance of viruses, malware attacks and annoying pop-ups, promoting advertisements, that main task is to interrupt your computer/desktop or laptop to work properly. But by using some step we can control their actions by downloading and uploading a best version pf Pop up blocker software. Technical support scammers are those who… Read More

technical support scams

What is CoolAds? CoolAds is a collection of an adware program, which especially displays multiple sponsored pop-up ads and sales advertisements on the WebPages to promote their products. CoolAds are shown in a dialog box that has different coupons so that the public get interacted with the Ads proposals and click on the pictures or… Read More

get browser settings bach on chrome

Chrome is the most usable and popular browser in the world. It is a great medium to surf the internet with safety, but there is also some undeniable truth that either people know or want to know. In this pos, we will discuss how even the most popular browser is not safe to use without… Read More

unwanted pop ups removal

Are you wondering to remove unwanted ads from your PC? This post will help you in getting rid of such type of problems. Basically, Ads are of two types: intrusive and non intrusive ads. Intrusive ads are the ads that appear on the desktop without our consent. These ads are mostly used by web-criminal who… Read More

Probably, you would not be aware of this type of malware. You would hear of malware but do you know there are many malicious search engines that unwittingly install on your computer? It gets confirmed when your computer freezes or suddenly becomes blank. The things enter the computer to tempt you by showing fictitious offers;… Read More


If you are the unlucky one whose computer has been infected by HQ-Vpro 1.9v4 malware, you would be thinking of getting rid of it. But is it an easy task to eliminate such malicious malware? Obviously the answer will be no, you must have technical knowledge to remove it or need to gather information from… Read More

Search Intro is identified as a deceptive website identical to,,, and many more. It is also considered as the browser hijackers preeminent in changing browser shortcuts, browser search provider, and browser redirects to without user’s consent. The site is disguised as the legitimate Internet search engine and modifies Internet browser… Read More

We all know how distracting and frustrating it can be when we encounter annoying Web advertisements pop-up windows while using the Internet. Anyone who ever used the Internet faced annoying popup, alert blocker windows with alert message and most of the times misleading alert messages. Ablock plus is the best solutions of such type of… Read More