remove screenery

Most of computer users stuck in the tricks of cyber criminals because they believe that unknown programs might be useful or some works can be done with some ease, but after installing users have to face only struggle to remove it. Even though, we can’t change their thought about particular software or programs but some… Read More

unwanted pop ups removal

Are you wondering to remove unwanted ads from your PC? This post will help you in getting rid of such type of problems. Basically, Ads are of two types: intrusive and non intrusive ads. Intrusive ads are the ads that appear on the desktop without our consent. These ads are mostly used by web-criminal who… Read More


If you are the unlucky one whose computer has been infected by HQ-Vpro 1.9v4 malware, you would be thinking of getting rid of it. But is it an easy task to eliminate such malicious malware? Obviously the answer will be no, you must have technical knowledge to remove it or need to gather information from… Read More

Search Intro is identified as a deceptive website identical to,,, and many more. It is also considered as the browser hijackers preeminent in changing browser shortcuts, browser search provider, and browser redirects to without user’s consent. The site is disguised as the legitimate Internet search engine and modifies Internet browser… Read More

block tech support scam

What do you think? Why are people being victimized in large number? If we analyzed properly, the answer will come in front and tell that we don’t have proper technical knowledge and scare by messy techniques of scammers. Criminals are using new scare techniques such as tech support scam. First, they carefully watch your activities… Read More

Chrome being the world’s most crowd-pleasing desktop browser but it has been pressed down by trifling issues – even when the browser isn’t at fault! It can be considered that Google is capable in identifying quality of browser but ineffective in catching the quality of websites that appeared in it. Basically, users find these particular… Read More

Nowadays, the web can be considered as a soul of the Universe, without it, the world can’t be imagined. But, “the question arises” this particular world belongs to whom..? Is it in the hand of fraud people? We all know how the Tech support scammers are emerging rapidly in the 21st century just after the… Read More