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Block Annoying Ads

Ablock Plus blocks all annoying advertisements by default on your particular browser that includes video advertisements on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook advertisements, glittery banners, and auto-generated pop-ups. It can be bringing in by the using Filter lists option that is offered in Ablock Plus.

Precisely install Ablock Plus and, if you'd like, fix up it as it is reported by the browsing needs.

Allow Acceptable Ads

There are multiple types of advertisements, from which you can easily collect gain out of it in your actual life. To bring about this, we've designed a code of management called as the Acceptable Advertisements action with the help of our customers and third party donors. Because, some websites are helpful, offers necessary details and in return and get awarded. We inspire the use of non-intrusive advertisements because they never disturb customers with annoying advertisements and pop-ups as they process their ads to make money prospects.

Disable Tracking

With every browsing discussion, you are under complete secure supervision from thousands of advertisements agencies; your personal information might be lost, shared or stolen. There are multiple corporate that continuously tries to steal saved users personal data and misuse them to harm your system by infecting malware functions. Opening with the Ablock Plus, you can simply block or disable this feature at any time according to you desire and browse then without any disturbances.

Disable Social Media Buttons

In this world, more than one billion users are connected with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter as well as Google plus, share your personal details via buttons on social media, frequently without pressing on these buttons our requests shared to different social network's and utilizes your personal details to create a profile. With the support of Ablock Plus, you can block or disable social media options.

To activate this Feature, download and install Ablock Plus extension in your system correctly.

Disable Malware Domains

Normally, Users saw many issues in our desktops after internet surfing entire day; if you don’t have any antivirus installed in your system then it can result in virus attack. It starts with the malware domains, popup, and annoying ads certainly your system speed becomes slow. Desktop get infected with different harmful malware that makes your system vulnerable such as spam emails, cyber attacks, and personal information and credential details.

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