Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy discloses that Ablock Inc is committed to protect the privacy of users and the services availed by them. The term 'Service' denotes support services owned and operated by Ablock Inc Submission of information in our website is an indication of you accepting our privacy policy.

General Notes

The general privacy policy of the Ablock Plus plan is to abstain from gathering more data than is prescribed for the extensions so that it performed correctly. The data gathered is preserved, if possible, and abolished when no longer feels necessity. It is never shared with any third parties. This policy lists the data that is collected and the processing applied to it. website

Website Logs

The requests to the website are documented in the website logs. It includes your IP address, request was made while using, and the web address accessed, the browser identifier and the referring page. All documented data are used to generate usage statistics, inspecting potential security issues and forum or blog spam. Detailed logs are withheld for only 30 days, after which only the aggregated usage statistics remain.

Un-installation Page Feedback

Just after uninstalling Adblock Plus, you may ask for your feedback. The webpage stores data related application anonymously. If you decide to give feedback, it will be also stored by us anonymously.

Stored IP Addresses store web applications that includes your IP address whenever you create any forum post, add a blog comment or translate a page. It allows administrators to easily recognize spam content and security breaches but stored IP addresses are erased after a period of 30 days.


Ablock Plus website use cookies to identify signed in users. Cookies are not used for any other purpose like tracking website visitors.

Forum Registration

Data entered at the time of forum registration is used to form the user's public profile and is therefore noticeable to other forum visitant.

There are two Exceptions:

Passwords are encrypted before stored on the server that provides security and can't be recovered by any person, even with access to the database.

Only email addresses are viewed in the public profile if it is explicited by users. By default, it is used sometime for sending notifications to which you subscribed.

Blog Comment

At the time of adding comment on the the Ablock Plus blog, an email address can be shown clearly.

Adblock Plus Extensions

Extension Update Checks

Your browser periodically asks for updates of all your extensions including Ablock Plus, browser version, extension version, and operating system. Ablock Plus builds updates for chrome and safari browsers at regular interval that is maintained by the website. It is necessary to updates for stabilizing the performance of Ablock Plus. All Updates which are released for Chrome, is handled by the Google Web Store website and are subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

Subscription Downloads

All filter subscriptions are added to your Ablock Plus installation, it will be requested to regularly update for retrieve purpose. After every update, website receives your IP address together with some generic information like your Ablock Plus version, browser and browser version.

Emergency Notification

The latest version of Ablock plus consists of an emergency notification mechanism that notify users about the issues affecting their Ablock Plus installation. For allowing this feature we need your IP address for sending some generic information like your Adblock Plus version, browser and browser version.

Data retention

Ablock Plus stores some data during using browser on your computer but never share this data to any third parties or servers alike other browsers do. However, you can use filter hit statistics regarding any issue reports or to reconstruct your browsing history. Ablock Plus treats this information similarly to how history data is treated by the browser. The data will not be strored if you use private browsing mode.

Email Collection

Sometimes our wbpages used to host product campaigns that almost depend on email collection. For example, you can install Ablock browser by request a link on your devices. Third parties are not used for manage these campaigns inspite of that data is handled by our house. Unnecessarily, we donot store your data until there is an specific requirement. We only store it for the length of time that is needed to execute. Your email address and generic information will be never share or sell to any third parties.

Information Collection and Use

We are the sole owner of the information gathered via the website/phone/e-mail at various intervals. Ablock Inc assures you that no information passed over to us will be sold or rented to others as per this policy.

Personal Information

At times when we require information that can personally identify you, Ablock Inc will ask for the same. To avail Ablock Inc Service, you are required to fill-up the registration form by providing contact information, including First and Last name, E-mail address, Postal address, Personal identifier, etc. With the use of the contact information provided, we can contact you regarding the product and /or services you have requested.

Control of Personal Information

Personal information provided to us can be confirmed, changed or updated via e-mail. In case you prefer to opt-out of the communications from Ablock Inc, all you need to do is to request us via e-mail. You can also opt-in later in case you prefer so. Even while you opt-out of the promotional communications, you might still receive messages, legally mandated notices, and critical messages that relate to the ability to use services you have purchased from us.

Security of the Information we Collect

Ablock Inc is committed to keep all your personal information secured and to achieve this; we use a range of technologies and procedures. We ensure that all your personal information is maintained in a secured limited access facility, and the sensitive information transmitted to us, such as a credit card number, is encrypted for transmission using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol. We also make it sure that the SSL encryption is maintained in such a way that the information is unreadable by anyone but us.

Protection of Children's Privacy

As Ablock Inc is a website of general interest. However, we do not provide any personal information for children. Use of Cookies and Image Technology We can collect the site visitation data with the help of cookies saved in your computer. A cookie, being a small data file that certain web sites write to your hard drive when you visit them, might contain personal information including a user ID with the help of which the site can track the pages that you have visited. But yes, a cookie can only contain the personal information supplied by you as it can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. To check out the effectiveness of our navigational structure in helping users to reach out the website information, we use cookies to track user traffic patterns. But we assure that no information will be sold or shared with any third party. In case, you do not prefer cookies to be stored in your hard disk, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser.

Links to Other Websites

There might be several links on Ablock Inc Clicking on any of them will leave you from our website. It should be remembered that you might be led to certain websites with Ablock Inc logo, but we are not responsible for any content appearing on it or any privacy practices of that site. Our privacy statement also does not cover the information practices of those websites linked to our website. We are also not responsible for the cookies sent by those websites to collect data or personal information.

Changes to this Statement

It is our privilege to timely update this privacy statement. Any material change to this statement that may affect our use of your personal information will be updated to you via a prominent notice on the Ablock Inc website.

Queries About Our Privacy Policy

If you have any queries about the privacy policy of Ablock Inc you can write to us at

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