Refund Policy

Ablock Inc is provides the technology support services which are irrevocable and non-tangible. Ablock Inc does not refund the amount after the services are rendered and delivered as required by the customer. Our main motive is to provide the customer satisfaction through our services in the most competent manner but as a client you are responsible to understand all terms and conditions when purchasing our services through the Ablock Inc website or through telephone.

The prime Objective of the Ablock Inc is the customer satisfaction therefore we are serving to the client in most competent manner. Ablock Inc most of the time honour the refund requests subject to that there is no satisfaction or resolution provided for your services by the company. To get the refund you have to follow simply the process to write an e-mail to our Customer support division and mention simply the refund reason and no resolution found on behalf of the Ablock Inc.

For Stand-Alone/Incident Based Service Requests:

  • After receiving of your refund request, our executive will work on it with you to resolve the issue once again and removal of your dissatisfaction within 30 days of the submission of your request.
  • After making all efforts by our executive team you are still not satisfied with our services and we found that our services or product are defective, then we will acknowledge your request and refund the amount which we have charged for our services or product.
  • In case Ablock Inc has provided the multiple services or product as a package and some client is not satisfied with the one or any of the part of service or product then the refund shall be on the pro rate basis and accordingly the refund claim shall be settled.
  • In case Ablock Inc has provided the service stand alone and partial a part of the client is satisfied with one part of the service and not with the other part then the refund amount shall be calculated on pro arts basis and accordingly the refund claim shall be settled and refunded.

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