Terms & Conditions

These are the following terms and conditions for the use of the Ablockplus services.

    • These Terms and Conditions are assigned for our every user and for the new customers as well, either they apply it for their personal or on favor of firm in Ablockplus.org. (“Ablockplus”). It is necessary to accept it and tick the check box the terms and conditions by the users after pressing the “Accept Tab” and then only your registration process will get submitted.
    • You describe that: (a) you should be age of 18 years or above and consist of authorized authority to connect yourself (personally or in favor or corporation) to this Agreement; (b) you approve on side of yourself as an legal details of your firm, as permissible to be surround by this Terms and Conditions Agreement; and (c) All details are being offered by you to us should be real and complete. You need to accept all the terms and conditions attached with Ablock Plus. If you will be caught with wrong or fake or incorrect data may result in Services delays and restriction, termination of your registered account.
    • You need to sign in and provide all the data, software, details and any other details are stored by you. Under any condition; you agree that Ablock Plus will not be accountable for any data loss or issue in the software.
    • Ablock Plus may provide to you, through software downloads or delivery method for specific certain software which is possessed by or licensed to Ablock Plus or its third party which may be served without any cost.
    • Ablock Plus keeps back the rights to update or makes any change into Software at the continuous period of time and you need to accept it to cooperate with us in it that has been described in above line.
    • Ablock Plus may suggest that you bring in, download and install the software and use particular third party software linked with the Software Services. These services are provided to you by the original owners or from authorized of the Third Party Software.
    • Ablock Plus may suspend or terminate at any time from the entire services that are offered to you, with or without notice to you.
    • If your Ablock Plus got uninstalled by your desire then you will not neglect from all the Ablock Plus services provided by us. Also, Ablock Plus not be dominated to manage any content in your opened account.
    • Those users who had bought and the software services by our professional Remote Technology Support are accountable for the Ablock Plus Money Back Guarantee as mentioned on the www.ablockplus.org website.
    • It is important to send your refund requests through e-mail to refundrequest@ablockplus.org.
    • The Refund Requests must be sending to us within 45 days that means it must be done just after buying or receiving the services from Ablock Plus.
    • Ablock Plus is not accountable for any loss relevant to hardware and software damage. In this kind of specific case, no refund will be given to the users and the refund requests will be rejected related to the experience of hardware failure and hardware other issues.
    • It must sent with detailed report of getting refund and refund requests will be granted only when Ablock plus will not be able to solve the problems.
    • Ablockplus is not answerable for any loss related to hardware and software. In this particular case no refund will be provided to users and their refund requests will not be accepted regarding experience hardware failure and hardware malfunctions.

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